January 17, 2013

Chevron - Recruitment Fresh Graduates & Experienced for Oil and Gas Job 2013

Chevron is one of the world's leading integrated energy companies and conducts business worldwide. Our success is driven by our people and their commitment to get results the right way—by operating responsibly, executing with excellence, applying innovative technologies and capturing new opportunities for profitable growth. We are involved in virtually every facet of the energy industry. We explore for, produce and transport crude oil and natural gas; refine, market and distribute transportation fuels and lubricants; manufacture and sell petrochemical products; generate power and produce geothermal energy; provide energy efficiency solutions; and develop the energy resources of the future, including research for advanced biofuels.

Chevron is a major partner in Indonesia's economy and an active member of the community. Through our wholly owned subsidiary PT Chevron Pacific Indonesia, we are the largest producer of Indonesia's crude oil. We are searching for new oil and gas reserves from central Sumatra to offshore East Kalimantan. In order to support our growing business, we need professionals to join our team as:
  1. Lean Sigma (Ext-67/OPS/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/SHELF/2013) 
  2. Petroleum Engineer - Exploration (Ext-68/PE/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/EXPL/2013) 
  3. Production Engineer - Deepwater (Ext-76/PE/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/DW/2013) 
  4. Reservoir Engineer - Deepwater (Ext-79/PE/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/DW/2013) 
  5. Reservoir Engineer (Ext-44/PE/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/SLO/2013) 
  6. Production Engineer (Ext-59/PE/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/SLO/2013) 
  7. Reservoir Engineer (Ext-50/PE/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/RD/2013) 
  8. Aviation Expert (Ext-47/SCM/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/SCM/2013) 
  9. Buyer (Ext-49/SCM/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/SCM/2013) 
  10. D&c Scm Interface Advisor (Ext-51/SCM/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/DRIL/2013) 
  11. Supply Chain Management Specialist (Ext-52/SCM/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/HO/2013) 
  12. Analyst Material (Ext-53/SCM/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/SLO/2013) 
  13. Civil Engineer (Ext-56/SCM/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/SCM/2013) 
  14. Investigator (Ext-38/SEC/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/SEC/2013) 
  15. Leader Security & Company Reps (Ext-39/SEC/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/SEC/2013) 
  16. Leader Security & Intelligence (Ext-41/SEC/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/SEC/2013) 
  17. Security Intelligence (Ext-42/SEC/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/SEC/2013) 
  18. Security Specialist (Ext-43/SEC/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/SEC/2013) 
  19. Security Company Representative (Ext-46/SEC/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/SEC/2013) 
  20. Planning Specialist (Ext-92/SCM/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/DRIL/2013) 
  21. Petroleum Engineer - Eor (Ext-64/PE/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/SLO/2013) 
  22. Lifting Rigging Engineer (Ext-66/OPS/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/OU/2013) 
  23. Maintenance Planner And Scheduler (Ext-3/FE/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/HCT/2013) 
  24. Specialist - Corrosion (Ext-247/OPS/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/HCT/2012) 
  25. Production Specialist (Ext-75/OPS/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/OU/2013) 
  26. Mooring Master (Ext-73/OPS/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/SHELF/2013) 
  27. Gl Mtce Crane North & South (Ext-72/OPS/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/OU/2013) 
  28. Analyst Maintenance Planner (Ext-71/OPS/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/SLO/2013) 
  29. E&i Reliability Specialist (Ext-69/OPS/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/SHELF/2013) 
  30. Hr Specialist - People Dev. (Ext-226/HR/EXP/CICO/HR/2012) 
  31. Hes Engineer (Ext-62/HES/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/HO/2013) 
  32. Contractor Hes Management Advisor (Ext-57/HES/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/DRIL/2013) 
  33. Waste Management Advisor (Ext-78/HES/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/DRIL/2013) 
  34. Hes Engineer - Drilling (Ext-65/HES/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/DRIL/2013) 
  35. Hes Specialist (Ext-74/HES/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/HO/2013) 
  36. Hes Engineer - Safety (Ext-70/HES/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/HES/2013) 
  37. Policy Specialist (Ext-229/PGPA/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/PGPA/2012) 
  38. Manager Policy And Issue (Ext-228/PGPA/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/PGPA/2012) 
  39. Audit Coodination Analyst (Ext-23/FIN/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/FIN/2013) 
  40. Accountant (Ext-22/FIN/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/DRIL/2013) 
  41. Topside Structural Engineer (Ext-40/FE/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/DW/2013) 
  42. Facility Engineer - Process Safety (Ext-37/FE/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/HO/2013) 
  43. Facility Engineer-Instrumentation & Control (Ext-36/FE/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/HO/2013) 
  44. Facility Engineer - Civil (Ext-35/FE/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/HO/2013) 
  45. Facility Engineer - Realibility (Ext-34/FE/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/SLO/2013) 
  46. Facility Engineer - Process (Ext-32/FE/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/SLO/2013) 
  47. Facility Engineer - Electrical (Ext-2/FE/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/HCT/2013) 
  48. Facility Engineer - Corrosion (Ext-30/FE/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/SLO/2013) 
  49. Facility Engineer - Construction (Ext-28/FE/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/HO/2013) 
  50. Facility Engineer - Project (Ext-29/FE/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/HO/2013) 
  51. Construction Engineer - Deepwater (Ext-27/FE/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/DW/2013) 
  52. Analyst Scada (Ext-26/FE/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/HO/2013) 
  53. Facility Engineer - Mechanical (Ext-1/FE/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/HCT/2013) 
  54. Lean Sigma Facilitator (Ext-246/FE/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/HO/2012) 
  55. Facility Engineer - Process (Ext-245/FE/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/HO/2012) 
  56. Tm Quality Assurance, Interface & Risk (Ext-244/FE/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/HO/2012) 
  57. Facility Engineer - Hes (Ext-243/FE/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/HO/2012) 
  58. Fe - Contracting (Ext-241/FE/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/HO/2012) 
  59. Contract Specialist (Ext-240/FE/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/HO/2012) 
  60. Project Manager (Ext-239/FE/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/HO/2012) 
  61. Project Manager - Asset Retirement (Ext-1/FE/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/HO/2012) 
  62. Lead Facility Engineer (Ext-236/FE/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/HO/2012) 
  63. Facility Engineer - Mechanical (Ext-160/FE/EXP/CPI/HO/2012) 
  64. Subsea Engineer Deepwater (Ext-137/FE/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/DW/2012) 
  65. Development Geologist (Ext-20/ES/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/DW/2013) 
  66. Earth Scientist - Earth Model (Ext-19/ES/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/SLO/2013) 
  67. Earth Scientist - Geomechanics (Ext-18/ES/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/RD/2013) 
  68. Geophysicist (Ext-17/ES/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/EXPL/2013) 
  69. Earth Scientist (Ext-16/ES/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/SLO/2013) 
  70. Drilling Engineer - Geothermal (Ext-15/DC/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/DRIL/2013) 
  71. Drilling Engineer - Onshore (Ext-14/DC/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/DRIL/2013) 
  72. Drilling Engineer - Offshore (Ext-13/DC/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/DRIL/2013) 
  73. Internal Control-Audit Coordination Analyst(Ext-224/FIN/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/FIN/12) 
  74. Sr Tax Advisor (Ext-211/FIN/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/OU/2012) 
  75. Drilling Operation Supervisor - Onshore (Ext-12/DC/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/DRIL/2013) 
  76. Drilling Operation Supervisor - Onshore (Ext-11/DC/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/DRIL/2013) 
  77. Drilling Operation Supervisor - Offshore (Ext-10/DC/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/DRIL/2013) 
  78. Drilling Operation Supervisor - Offshore (Ext-9/DC/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/DRIL/2013) 
  79. D&C - Nojv & Exploration Advisor (Ext-6/DC/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/DRIL/2013) 
  80. D&C Planning Advisor (Ext-8/DC/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/DRIL/2013) 
  81. Drilling & Completion Performance Engineer (Ext-7/DC/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/DRIL/2013) 
  82. Drilling & Completion Government Advisor (Ext-5/DC/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/DRIL/2013) 
  83. Completion Engineer - Offshore (Ext-4/DC/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/DRIL/2013) 
  84. Security Analyst (Ext-45/SEC/RG/CHEVRON-IBU/SEC/2013) 
  85. Planning Specialist (Ext-63/SCM/RG/CHEVRON-IBU/DRIL/2013) 
  86. Category Specialist (Ext-61/SCM/RG/CHEVRON-IBU/SCM/2013) 
  87. Buyer (Ext-60/SCM/RG/CHEVRON-IBU/SCM/2013) 
  88. Business Analyst (Ext-58/SCM/RG/CHEVRON-IBU/SCM/2013) 
  89. IT Engineer For Technical Upstream (Ext-25/IT/RG/CHEVRON-IBU/P&T/2013) 
  90. IT Engineer For Business Application (Ext-24/IT/RG/CHEVRON-IBU/P&T/2013) 
  91. Lab Specialist (Ext-21/ES/RG/CHEVRON-IBU/P&T/2013)
ATTENTION : Those position can be applied by anyone who met the requirement above. If you find that your skill meet the requirement but still cannot apply for position, please check your resume for position requirement.

Submit your application to our e-Selections website: www.chevron.formycareer.com
Only application submitted through website will be processed. Our e-Selections website supports the protection of the environment, thus, no paper applications will be accepted. All applications are appreciated and will be treated with confidential manner.

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