February 14, 2014

Lowongan Pertamina Geothermal Energy - QA QC, Engineer, Construction Support

Pertamina Geothermal Energy
Coordinator QAQC – Code: (HRR-042)
  • A QAQC Coordinator will be assigned and dedicated both as a Lead QAQC Engineer for project based roles who has functions for planning, executing, checking, and improving QAQC practices for a complete project cycle and as a Lead Engineer for function based roles in providing resources for QAQC Division daily task. Several examples of specific responsibilities include ensuring the availability of the resources needed in QA/QC function to support project based roles such as man power assignment, blanket contract. ensuring that Quality Management System is implemented in every stage of the project cycle by monitoring it, and planning, coordinating, managing and monitoring the achievement of project objectives setup by company and contractor for any specific project.
  • Minimum Bachelor's degree in Engineering in Electrical, Instrumentation & Control, Mechanical, or Ship Building
  • Minimum 8 years in Oil and Gas or Petrochemical Industry
  • Experience and mastery in documentation and assurance system for a full project cycle
  • Certified as Welding Inspector/Engineer, NDT Level 2 for RT and UT, Vibration Analysis Level 2 and related certification for E&I Inspector
  • Familiar with MIGAS Certification process and requirement
  • Mastery and mature knowledge related to the handover certification system such as GOC or equivalent
  • Familiar and well understanding to International Code/Standard used in Oil and gas Industry such as API, ASME, DNV
Engineer Quality Assurance Code: (HRR-041)
  • A QA engineer will be assigned and dedicated for establishing, controlling, and improving quality process assurance both in function based roles and project based roles in the Project Department. Specific responsibilities may include ensuring the quality objectives in Quality Management Systems are properly established and monitored for both function based roles and project based roles, ensuring all processes in Project department are properly identified as a foundation for developing QMS, ensuring the availability and validity of document for running QMS, and ensuring the validity of manual, procedure, and instruction for executing project in the Project Department.
  • Bachelor's degree (Master's Engineering Preferable) in Metallurgy, Industrial, Mechanical or Ship building Engineering
  • Minimum 8 years with related experience in Oil & Gas or Petrochemical Industry
  • Familiar with Equipment Specification/Standard/Code
  • Understand process flow of certification & contract process in oil & gas company
  • Good command in English, both written & speaking

Coordinator Construction Support – Code: (HRR-040)
  • Responsible for providing technical support, contract management, interface management, planning/scheduling, and maintaining technical data, progress and personnel administration within Construction section responsibilities in the company. Specific responsibilities include but are not up to maintaining construction technical data including daily report and progress report for ongoing projects, providing construction technical reference data and be actively involved in assisting Field Construction/CSR and Construction Engineer to prepare Project Construction Methodology/Plan/Procedure for running/future projects.
  • Minimum Bachelor's degree in Mechanical/Ship Building/ Marine Engineering
  • Minimum 5 years with proven background in construction/installation
  • Experience in brownfield work including work package and permit/approval system
  • Experience in handling Contract/Call Out Service
  • Construction Planning/ Scheduling
  • Interface management
  • Experience in handling technical document
Construction Engineer – Code: (HRR-039)
  • Responsible for the Engineering, Construction design, execution methodology, and is responsible for construction management of all facilities and projects within Project Department. Several specific responsibilities include ensuring all aspects of project scope and technical specifications are incorporated into design and provide feedback on constructability, participating in tender committee evaluation and reviews contract documentation that relates to constructability, and other similar tasks.
  • Minimum Bachelor's degree in Mechanical/Ship Building/Marine Engineering
  • Minimum 5 years with proven background in construction/ offshore installation/ Pipeline
  • Experience in preparation and review of Construction Specification, Plan and Procedure
  • Experience in handling and manage communication with Contractor during construction phase
  • Experience in Construction Scope of Work management
  • Adequate knowledge in Heavy Lifting and Marine Engineering
Specialist Budget & Cost – Code: (HRR/038)
  • Managing and maintaining the realization of budget and cost of the Operations Division, consists of three department which are, Project, Facility Engineering Integrity, and Field Operations. Also responsible for the preparation of over-all budget, monitoring & controlling of over-all cost expenditure, monitoring & controlling contract management, conducting periodic analyzing & reporting on over-all budget & cost
  • Minimum Bachelor's Degree
  • Experience in Project Control, cost control, project management, business process
  • Has good communication skills and reporting skills
For further detail information about job responsibilities and to apply online in each positions above, please refer official source from Pertamina Geothermal Energy on following link below. If you meet the requirements above, please apply your resume to: recruitment.pertamina.com
or mail to : hrssphewmo@pertamina.com
with the “name & code of applied position” as the email subject. Your resume will be treated strictly as confidential and only suitable applicants will be contacted for further process.
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